In an effort to support American-made manufacturing, most of my fabric is purchased as remnants from a local mill. I get beautiful high-quality fabrics in small quantities at discount prices. This allows me to keep my items unique, my prices low, and supports my local community! 

My shop features a variety of products! As a former Pattern Maker and Technical Designer, I love creating different items. In my career I've worked with military apparel, swimwear, children's wear, uniforms, underwear, outdoor gear, and sleepwear - from mom and pop companies to huge international corporations. Each job was unique. Likewise, each Etsy shopper is a unique individual with unique plans for what he or she purchases. One thing I've always loved in my work is seeing an item all the way through from initial concept to final creation. Etsy lets me take it one step further to direct contact with the customer. Hearing what my customers plan to do with their items is my absolute favorite part of this job!